Flip to Fun-Schooling!

How to get started with Fun-Schooling as an Inspire Charter School family:

  • Our most popular charter school products are Grade-Level Curriculum Bundles and Dyslexia Games.

  • Our Curriculum Bundles provide a full school year of material covering every required subject, except math.

  • Dyslexia Games is a brain training therapy to help your struggling learner with reading, writing and spelling.

How can I view the Charter School Curriculum Bundles for my child's Grade Level?

  • Visit our Bookstore, click on "Shop by Grade Level"

  • Click on your child's grade.  You'll see three different bundles for each grade level that you can choose from. 

  • Click on a bundle to learn more. In the description of each bundle you'll find a weekly lesson plan to help you organize.

Welcome Inspire Charter School Parents!

Welcome from Sarah!

About 10 years ago, I designed a new style of homeschooling called Fun-Schooling.

Fun-Schooling is fun for kids, effective at helping them learn, and EASY for moms!

Fun-Schooling is using kids' natural talents and passions

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A Bookshelf of Thinking Tree Books workbooks
Sarah Janisse Brown smiling with Fun-Schooling workbooks surrounding her
A teapot an cup with Tea Time, A Prayer Journal by Thinking Tree Books
Meet a Fun-Schooler

Meet Joseph, a 10 year-old Fun-Schooler

Joesph is 10 years-old and cool.

Learn what a typical fun-schooler does and which fun-schooling books he uses.

There are many options.  Just start with one or two Core Journals and add on Language Arts and other subjects.

How Fun-Schooling Works

What does a typical Fun-Schooling day look like?

Sarah Janisse Brown explains practical details of how to Fun-School including:

Using a Core Curriculum Journal and other Thinking Tree books, a daily schedule, and activity ideas.

How Does Fun-Schooling Work?




it's simple but unique to each child. So enjoyable!

- Heidi Joy Davis-Tiemens

Do you have products that meet the criteria for Inspire Charter School use?

Yes, we have approved secular products available for purchase that are currently being used by various Charter Schools.

Which of your products are approved for Inspire Charter Schools?

Our Dyslexia Games Series A, B & C (therapy for struggling readers who show signs of dyslexia or ADHD) and our grade-level, Fun-Schooling Curriculum Bundles, some of which include Dyslexia Games, are approved for Inspire Charter Schools.

How do we order your products?

  • First, you should check to see what is available by going to our website,  funschooling.com, and look at the grade-level, Fun-Schooling Curriculum Bundles. From the website’s Home Page, select “Bookstore,” choose “Shop by Grade Level,” select the appropriate grade, choose “Grade-Level Bundles,” then look over the available bundles.  You can see descriptions of the individual books, as well as suggested lesson plans, by pressing on the picture of the bundle. Your child’s teacher can assist with selection.

  • If you are only interested in Dyslexia Games, from funschooling.com select “Special Needs,”, then “Dyslexia Games,” and read the descriptions given for each series. Then, with your teacher’s assistance, decide which one best suits your child’s needs.

  • Copy and paste the link for each item you would like into the order form on your Inspire Order form on the website.

  • They will place the order directly with us.

Are we required to order only from the grade-level bundles currently on your website, or can we “customize” our own bundle?

Individual books may be ordered from Amazon.  On Funschooling.com, Inspire Charter School families must choose from the grade-level bundles shown, since some of our products contain Christian content.

How long will the Fun-Schooling Curriculum Bundles last?

If the suggested lesson plan that accompanies the bundle descriptions is followed, they will last a full 180-day/36-week school year.

Are Thinking Tree books consumable?

Yes, Thinking Tree books are consumable.  They are workbooks, not textbooks.

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