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5th Grade Boy's & Girl's Curriculum Bundle

5th Grade Boy's & Girl's Curriculum Bundle

SKU: TTTBundle5A

Your fifth-grade students will love learning about animals and the world with these materials.  They’ll study over two dozen endangered animals and dive into the sea. Students will travel the world and explore other cultures and traditions.  Each basic elementary subject can be documented within these pages with a creative and fun approach.


Lessons are easy to plan and prepare.  Each day students will complete different learning activities within these journals.  They can work independently, in a small group, or as a full class. Our journals are easy to adapt to the individual needs of each student as well.  An entire school year of creative and interactive learning ready to go for your classroom.




  • All About Endangered Species: This creative research handbook is for students who love learning about rare and beautiful animals. The journal is designed to help students study each animal in-depth while covering multiple subjects. 

  • Do-It-Yourself Homeschool Journal #3: For Eclectic Learners:  Document learning in multiple core subjects all in one book.  Students can study independently or record information learned in class-wide projects and presentations.  Includes creative thinking and learning activities as well as art to engage different parts of the brain. 

  • Seven Amazing Continents - Travel Dreams Geography: Meant to spark curiosity and creativity, this 150-page journal acts as a research and discovery guide, inviting students to collaborate with the assignments by choosing what they input.  While inviting the student into their own learning journey, this journal covers subjects such as history, geography, social studies, culture, travel, population, important landmarks, and current events.

  • China Social Studies, Brazil Social Studies, Ukraine Social Studies, Australia Social Studies:

Learn about each country through the arts, fashion, architecture, music, tourism, sports, wildlife, traditions & food! Covers history, geography, culture, travel, population, landmarks, current events, and more. 

  • The Secret World of Talking Animals: A creative writing book sure to inspire even the most reluctant writers. With highly detailed drawings of animals in fun and creative places and plenty of space to jot down stories.

  • Nature Study - Seaside Science: Study the amazing world of shells, sea animals, seaside plants, birds, beaches around the world, and much more. Students will draw sea creatures, identify native herbs, learn about rare and endangered animals, and gain skills for observation.

  • Grammar Time- Endangered Animals: Teach 310 verbs & adjectives. This little workbook will help students learn about endangered animals while teaching spelling and grammar. Students will also learn about the habitats and diets of the animals.

  • Suggested Lesson Plan

    Below is a suggested schedule for your classroom or homeschool. The page amounts listed under each title are the suggested number of pages to complete in a week.  We know each day will vary and some days you might get through more and others less. It’s meant to give flexibility while still completing the journal in an entire semester or school year.  This is based on a typical 180-day/ 36-week long school year.  Adjust as needed if your school, or family, follows a different schedule.   We’ve also included a few tips and notes when needed.


    Core journals- Students can complete their core journals daily either in the morning to open the day or have a “core journal” time in the afternoon.  These can be completed in small groups or alone.

    • Do It Yourself Homeschool Journal #3: For Eclectic Learners
      • 3-5 pages per day

    Language Arts- complete daily

    • Grammar Time- Endangered Animals
      • 6-8 pages per week
    • The Secret World of Talking Animals
      • Creative Writing
      • 1-3 pages per week

    History, Geography, Social Studies

    • Seven Amazing Continents - Travel Dreams Geography
      • Complete each continent corresponding to the single-country journal continent OR 3-5 pages per week to complete entire journal in year
    • Single country study: Study two countries per semester, 6-8 pages per week. Most pages will take 15-20 minutes, some may take up to an hour.
      • China Social Studies, Brazil Social Studies, Ukraine Social Studies, Australia Social Studies


    • All About Endangered Species
      • 8-9 pages per week, or double to complete in one semester and split science studies into two semesters
    • Nature Study - Seaside Science
      • 4-6 pages per week, or double to complete in one semester and split science studies into two semesters
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