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Dyslexia Games Series C Workbook Shipment

Dyslexia Games Series C Workbook Shipment

SKU: DG-C-Ship

Dyslexia Games Series C is for struggling students, including teens and adults who need help with any of these challenges:

  • ADHD, Dyslexia, LD, OCD, Dyscalculia, or ASD.​
  • Messy handwriting.
  • Weak concept of right and left.
  • Distraction, focus, and concentration issues.
  • Spelling problems.
  • Problems memorizing math facts and spelling words.
  • Trouble mastering the multiplication table.
  • Uncomfortable with reading aloud.
  • Letters, word or number confusion.
  • Concentration problems.
  • Slow reading.
  • Lack of interest in schoolwork.
  • Have a high IQ but struggles with reading confusion.


Is Series C best for my child?

Most dyslexic students over twelve years old can start with Series C and do not need to use Series A or B first.

  • Dyslexia Games Instructions

    Dyslexia Games is fun for kids and easy for parents!

    The workbooks are designed to be completed in order (complete book 1 before moving on to book 2)

    Have the student complete 3-5 pages per day.  They can do most of them on their own and are self-explanatory. The key is prevent fatigue.  More or less pages are fine too, but try to do it EVERY day.

    For best results, pause other language arts work while you complete Dyslexia Games.  Reading stories out loud to them, videos, and anything vouluntary is good, but NO phonics or reading practice or games.  Don't do anything that causes fatigue.

    Use a fine tipped black liner pen (marker pen) to make the strokes match the width of the strokes in the workbook.

    You'll complete a whole Series of Dyslexia Games in 2-3 months.  At the end, then start to re-introduce normal schoolwork.  You should notice a definite difference in your child!

    At that point, you may have them do the next Series of Dyslexia Games.

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