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Mom School- Paperback- Christian

Mom School- Paperback- Christian

Expand your faith while setting a good example for your children. This bundle will help you grow in your walk with the Lord, pursue your interests, and give you time to relax! Perfect for your morning quiet time or to work on while your children are Fun-Schooling.


We’ve even included a resource for Dad (or another adult) to work on school with your child. Combine these journals with your Bible, favorite gel pens, and a nice cup of coffee and you’re ready to go


Coffee Time-A core journal just for mom! Pursue your interests and enjoy Mom School time alongside your children.

Candlelight- Detailed pen and ink drawings invite you to complete the missing pieces. Scripture and messages of faith are included throughout. This is a great brain break during times of overwhelm or fatigue. Moms tell us they have even found relief from brain fog and anxiety using these journals.


Walk by Faith, Not by Sight- Get out of survival mode and thrive with this 90-day pocket planner. Using our simple method, countless moms have found more ease in their homes and homeschool.


Flip to Fun-Schooling- The essential handbook for all Fun-Schooling moms. Part planner, part journal, and part inspiration. You’ll find yourself referencing this again and again over the years.


Dad Time- A core journal for dads to work on with their kids. Study scripture, classical literature, math, nature, science, and more. Also a favorite for older siblings, grandparents, and mom’s to complete with their students.

Women of the Bible- A study of ten important women of the Bible, from Eve to Mary Magdalene. Includes poems, prayers, and verses about their lives and invites you to do additional research and write prayers as you reflect and spend quiet time in worship.

A Treasury of Psalms and Proverbs- You’ll work on spelling, Bible reflection, comics, copywork, prayer, and more with this beautiful book.


40 Days of Focus-The perfect purse-size journal to take to church for sermon notes. Moms also love it for podcasts and conferences.

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