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New Readers Homeschooling Collection (Paperback)

New Readers Homeschooling Collection (Paperback)

Set your new reader up with a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning with these Fun-Schooling journals.


Students will cover all the basic school subjects with an animal and Lego theme. They will learn to write, count, and do basic math and spelling.


This bundle will last an entire school year with the suggested lesson plan below. Or use it at your own pace and it can last for years to come! Lessons are easy to plan and prepare. Students can work independently, in a small group, or as a class. Just add library books, podcasts, videos, and art supplies.


These can be used by a wide range of ages by selecting age-appropriate study materials. Then document your learning in these guided journals.


An entire school year for your new reader.



● Four Seasons Spelling Time: Children will use this book to practice reading, writing, spelling, logic, art, drawing, coloring, creating calendars, and writing their own stories and poems. They’ll learn 150 words in fun, creative ways. We combine art, science, months, weather, seasons, and language arts all in one adorable book.

● All About Ocean Creatures: Students will learn about different ocean animals through fun poetry, art and logic games, and other creative lessons. They will work on spelling, math, art, science, and geography. Children love this journal and it is perfect for struggling and reluctant learners.

● Comic Book Math: This math book is inspired by Minecraft and LEGOS. Children will create comics, write short stories, practice spelling, draw, color, and solve math mysteries. With over 100 activities based on things that creative and active kids love, this book is perfect for struggling learners and beginners.

● Foundational Math Skills - 100 Numbers: Your students will build foundational math skills while being creative and learning about wildlife. They’ll learn to count and identify numbers up to 100, begin skip counting, and more.

● Horse Dreams: Your horse-loving students will adore this homeschooling journal! This book provides 180 learning activities, games, and lessons related to the study of horses. Includes handwriting, research, art, classical music, and much more.

● 1st, 2nd & 3rd Grade Fun-Schooling Journal - Do-It-Yourself Homeschooling: Learning Activities for New & Struggling Readers: We developed this Journal for young homeschooling because little ones have been watching big brothers and sisters using our Do-It-Yourself Homeschooling Journals - and they all wish they had one too. So here it is!


Suggested Lesson PlansFor all options- We suggest students complete the same number of pages per day as their age. A 5-year-old would work on 5 pages/day, a 7-year-old would work on 7 pages/day.


Option 1- Use 1st, 2nd, 3rd Core Journal daily first semester for half the total pages. Use Horse Dreams Core Journal daily second semester for half the total pages.

Use 100 Numbers first semester for math and Comic Book Math second semester.Use Spelling Time first semester and All About Ocean Creatures second semester.


A six-year old’s first semester week might look like this:

M- 3 pages in 1st, 2nd, 3rd Core Journal, 3 pages in 100 Numbers

T- 3 pages in 1st, 2nd, 3rd Core Journal, 3 pages in Spelling Time

W- 3 pages in 1st, 2nd, 3rd Core Journal, 1 page in 100 Numbers, 2 pages in Spelling Time

Th- 6 pages of their choice

F- Field Trip or Nature Outing day


Option 2-Use one journal at a time. Each journal will last 6-12 weeks depending on the age of your child. Our materials are flexible. There’s no wrong way to use them!

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