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PDF (Ages 9+) Smoothie Time - Health  Nutrition &  Home Economics

PDF (Ages 9+) Smoothie Time - Health Nutrition & Home Economics

295 Pages of Smoothie Making Fun!


This homeschooling curriculum covers health, science, nutrition, home economics, geography and more!!!!


For students who love to create but resist typical schoolwork, try homeschooling with FOOD!!! Learn all about Math, Science, Geography, Health and Home Economics all in one fun book!


Thinking Tree Books - Levels B & C. Welcome to Smoothie School! Over 290 Pages of fun! Kids who struggle with typical schoolwork need this book, they can cover so many important and required subjects while making and sipping their smoothies!


You would have loved SMOOTHIE SCHOOL when you were a kid, right? Guess what time it is...... It's Smoothie Time!This is one exciting activity book that will keep your children at the seat of their chair and on the tips of their toes when it's Smoothie Time! Smoothie Time is packed full of nutrition for the mind and body, with deliciously healthy smoothie and milkshake recipes, fun educational activities and research projects, home economics, humor, coloring, doodling and art pages, word searches, investigational research of what can you do with that leftover banana peel? How do peanuts grow?


Each page is packed with so much zest, it is hard to put it down!The Thinking Tree collections always point the student in the direction to be their own teacher, never stop learning and research the world around you.


This workbook is a great combination of fun, food and learning!So much excitement that will keep you slurping for more!


This Curriculum Includes:Smoothie Making Basics Recipe and Activity Pages Math & Measurements Skill Building Activities Food Safety Tips Geography Quests Substitution Guides Food Allergy Tips Food Science Health & Nutrition Culinary Arts Creative Writing Activities Questions & Answers Online Research Prompts A Home Economics Curriculum for All Ages.“Learning is FUN With Thinking Tree Books” FunSchoolingBooks.comMade in the USA

This Book Includes:

Smoothie making basics
Recipe and activity pages
Math & Measurements
Skill Building activities
Food Safety
Food Allergies
Food Science
Culinary Arts
Creative Writing Activities
Questions & Answers

By: Linda Janisse & Julia Stockman

Creative consultant: Heather Janisse

Producer: Sarah Janisse Brown

Copyright 2017

The Thinking Tree, LLC

Do Not Copy, Except for Family use in your Home

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