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PDF (9+) Core Journal - All About Animals -  Do-It-Yourself Homeschooling

PDF (9+) Core Journal - All About Animals - Do-It-Yourself Homeschooling

This is the PDF to print at home. To purchase the PAPERBACK and read reviews on Amazon.


All About Animals - Library Based Fun-Schooling Journal: For Creative Students - Ages 9 to 12 - (grades 3rd- 6th grade)

This curriculum handbook is designed to be used along with library books, audio books, tutorials, documentaries, and classical music. Perfect for the animal lover in your life! Make homeschooling fun for your students, while tapping into their interests and covering all the basic subjects.


All you need to add is your preferred Math and History curriculum.


This plan is perfect for struggling readers and learners. We have included Art & Logic Games that help with dyslexia, reading confusion, and letter reversals.


This Journal will help you document your child's eclectic learning journey.


You may also be interested in All About Animals - Creative Writing & Research Journal and World Tour Fun-Schooling Journal.



“This is such an adorable journal. I love that my child can write short summaries of what they learned in history and science, do some copywork, and the pictures for the creative writing stories are adorable. My kiddos will check out around 6 animal books to use with this and add history and math. It's recommended to add science too but I think learning about animals for a semester is great for science. It's recommended to use 5-8 pages a day.” Coffee Mama

This is Ana’s favorite journal:

“This is my personal favorite Journal! My children have been using the horse and space journals so this 1 follows the same concept, go to the library and get your books on what you are learning and use the journal to document as you learn and keep you on track... We actually use library books and textbooks. The BIG difference in this 1 compared is it seems Sara has perfected the Journal process and also made it complete animal theme, YAY!!! HUGE WIN FOR MY FAMILY who loves everything animals ... There are pages of animal tracks, origami, mazes, math, creative writing, history and science pages, cursive practice, and so on. ... I highly recommend!!!”


Secular - No religious content - Appropriate for Charter Schools, Public Funding, State Homeschool Reimbursement and Vouchers.

Watch this video to learn more and see inside!


Thinking Tree Learning Levels:

A1 = Pre Reader (Pre-K) ages 2-5

A2 = Beginning Readers (K-1st) ages 6-7

B1 = Early Elementary (2nd-3rd) ages 8-9

B2 = Upper Elementary (4th-6th) ages 10-11

C1 = Junior High (7th-8th) ages 12-14

C2 = High school + (9th-adult) ages 13+


Many Thinking Tree Journals span a wide variety of ages because the students use books at his/her reading level. For example, some journals may say for ages 7-17 because you customize it and meet the student where he’s at.


Copying is permitted for single household use only.

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