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Poetry, Prayer & Fasting Journal - Forty Days for Israel - PDF

Poetry, Prayer & Fasting Journal - Forty Days for Israel - PDF

160 Pages of Prayers, Poems, Photography, Art  snd Scripture! The goal? To inspire you as you pray over the Jewish people, and all the children of Israel who are spread out all over the earth!

This inspiring journal is designed to guide you through a time of prayer for the land and people of Israel. I created this Forty Day Prayer & Fasting Journal to inspire my teen daughters as we participate in the 40 Day “Yeshua Fast”.
All around the world thousands of people are fasting and praying for Israel and the Jewish people. I recommend this book for ages 16 and up.

I hope this journal can inspire you also!
This journal includes scriptures from the old testament that focus on the destiny of Israel and the heart of Adonai for the descendants of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. We use the King James Version for this book. The poems are mainly inspired by old testament scriptures as well. 

You may choose to use this book to guide you through 40 days of prayer for Israel, or you may choose to fast.

Do whatever you are comfortable with during these forty days. I would encourage you to prepare for this unique season of prayer by acquiring some food items from the land of Israel itself, if foods and drinks are included in your fast. For example, I will limit myself to partaking only of specific foods, including herbs and citrus that I grow on my own land and certain products produced the Holy Land.

During this special fast our family will continue to celebrate the Shabbat Meal on Friday nights, as we join with Jewish families all over the world to honor the Sabbath together. For me it is not a fast from all food, but a fast that focuses of foods of Israel while giving up my ordinary diet.  By Sarah Janisse Brown


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