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6th Grade Dyslexic/ADHD Curriculum Bundle

6th Grade Dyslexic/ADHD Curriculum Bundle

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Designed for sixth graders who have signs of, or have been diagnosed with, dyslexia or ADHD.  These journals help students approach learning with a fun approach. We’ve included our Dyslexia Games curriculum program as a therapeutic intervention for dyslexic and struggling learners.  All of our materials use a dyslexia-friendly font and are designed with dyslexic students in mind, though any child can use them.


Lessons are easy to plan and prepare.  Each day students will complete different learning activities within these journals.  They can work independently, in a small group, or as a full class. Our journals are easy to adapt to the individual needs of each student as well.  An entire school year of creative and interactive learning ready to go for your classroom.


Students with ADHD, ASD, and Processing Disorders may also use this bundle. 




  • All About Dogs: Dogs galore grace this journal.  Students will document learning in multiple, core elementary subjects with a fun dog theme.  Includes dog coloring pages, math practice, writing prompts, and other activities. 

  • Science Handbook and Portfolio: With 180 guided pages of science activities, your students will create experiments, learn scientific vocabulary, make their own periodic tables, and more. Covers scientific research, studies, essays, drawings, and experiments.

  • How to Make Money: An interactive guide to uncovering passions, igniting ambitions, and providing the practical tools needed to set and accomplish financial goals. Covers subjects such as economics, social studies, and career planning.

  • Timeline of World History: Students will record their history studies and important dates in this journal.  They will make their own timelines, illustrate events, and write what they have learned. 

  • Mexico Social Studies, Jamaica Social Studies: Learn about each country through the arts, fashion, architecture, music, tourism, sports, wildlife, traditions & food! Covers history, geography, culture, travel, population, landmarks, current events, and more. 

  • Heroes & Villains of History: Throughout history, the world has seen plenty of heroes and villains. Students love to learn about the “good guy” and the “bad guy.” In this journal, kids get to be the judge and decide who is the hero and who is the villain. Students will research over 30 different historical figures from throughout the world and the ages. For each person, students will learn about their accomplishments, family, life, beliefs, and more. After their research is over, they’ll decide if that person is a hero or a villain. 

  • Dyslexia Games-Series C: A series of eight workbooks for teenagers and adults. Dyslexia Games Series C is for struggling students, including teens and adults who need help with any of these challenges: 

    • ADHD, dyslexia, LD, OCD, Dyscalculia, or ASD.​ 

    • Messy handwriting. 

    • Weak concept of right and left. 

    • Distraction, focus, and concentration issues. 

    • Spelling problems. 

    • Problems memorizing math facts and spelling words. 

    • Trouble mastering the multiplication table. 

    • Uncomfortable with reading aloud. 

    • Letters, word, or number confusion. 

    • Concentration problems. 

    • Slow reading. 

    • Lack of interest in schoolwork. 

    • Have a high IQ but struggle with reading confusion.

  • Suggested Lesson Plan

    Below is a suggested schedule for your classroom or homeschool. The page amounts listed under each title are the suggested number of pages to complete in a week.  We know each day will vary and some days you might get through more and others less. It’s meant to give flexibility while still completing the journal in an entire semester or school year.  This is based on a typical 180-day/ 36-week long school year.  Adjust as needed if your school, or family, follows a different schedule.   We’ve also included a few tips and notes when needed. Students completing Dyslexia Games should work on 2-3 pages per day as the first thing they do in the morning. 

    Core journals- Students can complete their core journals daily either in the morning to open the day or have a “core journal” time in the afternoon.  These can be completed in small groups or alone.

    • All About Dogs
      • 3-5 pages per day

    Language Arts- complete daily

    • Timeline of World History
      • Students will add to this timeline as they study a different time period.  This is a good project to work on as a class or in small groups. 
    • Heroes & Villains of History
      • Fill in as you go through the history period or complete 4-6 pages per week to finish the entire book in a school year.
    • Mexico Social Studies
      • Complete in one semester
      • 2-4 pages per week
    • Jamaica Social Studies
      • Complete in one semester
      • 2-4 pages per week
    • Dyslexia Games Series C
      • 3-5 pages per day starting with book 1, best first thing in the morning
    • Science Handbook and Portfolio
      • 4-6 pages per week
      • Complete two or three days a week for 30-60 minutes at a time alongside science experiments and research.

    Careers & Economics-

    • How to Make Money
      • 5-7 pages per week
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