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PDF (Ages 7+) All About Butterflies

PDF (Ages 7+) All About Butterflies

All  About Butterflies
Science, Social Studies, Ecology, Geography, Language Arts, Logic & Drawing


200 Activities for students who are interested in butterflies, flowers, ecology, science and nature.


Children ages 9+ should be able to work through this book with minimal assistance, younger children will need help with reading, writing and research. This workbook is fun for all ages, and can be used in collaboration with multiple siblings as a family project. Help your child choose safe research materials and documentaries. Use 2 to 8 pages per day as part of your homeschooling plan.


This workbook covers almost every required subject, just add math and history!

This research handbook is packed with learning prompts and fun activities that all revolve around butterflies. Homeschooling is so much fun when students are studying their passions. If your child is curious about butterflies this is an excellent tool for their research and exploration.

This Homeschooling Handbook Includes:

· Language Arts

· Science

· Nature Study

· Geography

· Art & Drawing

· Documentaries

· Research & Library Skills

· Crafts

· Cursive Writing

· Copy work

· Reading & Spelling

· Math Time

· Creative Writing

· Recycling Skills

· Butterfly Types

· Movie Time

· Coloring

· Mazes
















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