PDF - All About Animals - Creative Writing & Research Journal

PDF - All About Animals - Creative Writing & Research Journal

All About Animals - Creative Writing & Research Journal: Write, Color, Research & Doodle - All Ages ideal for ages 8+, even adults!


Combine Science, Art, Writing, and Research into one book! This creative writing book is sure to inspire even the most reluctant writers. With beautiful drawings of animals and plenty of space to jot down your stories. This is sure to become a treasured keepsake. Perfect for all students, especially struggling writers and gifted students.

“My son has always loved animals! This book makes his learning fun in a way he is wanting to do work and the best thing about it is that his younger brother and sister is wanting to be involved as well!!” An Amazon Customer“My daughter doesn't care for writing, so I figured after I seen this book, she would not be impressed. It is simply very pretty pictures of an animal on one page, with a blank page beside it to use for writing about the animal/picture. But when she picked it up, she said it was her favorite. She loves the animal sketches and finds them inspiring. Who knew! Any book that gets this response from my reluctant writer gets 5 stars!!!” Amazon Customer

Perfect for blending art, language arts, science and research!

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