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Flip to Fun-Schooling!

How to get started with Fun-Schooling as a Charter School family:

  • Our most popular charter school products are Grade-Level Curriculum Bundles and Dyslexia Games.

  • Our Curriculum Bundles provide a full school year of material covering every required subject, except math.

  • Dyslexia Games is a brain training therapy to help your struggling learner with reading, writing and spelling.

How can I view the Charter School Curriculum Bundles for my child's Grade Level?

  • Visit our Bookstore, click on "Shop by Grade Level"

  • Click on your child's grade.  You'll see three different bundles for each grade level that you can choose from. 

  • Click on a bundle to learn more. In the description of each bundle you'll find a weekly lesson plan to help you organize.

Welcome Charter School Parents!