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Brain Games - Art, Logic & Peace of Mind

Brain Games - Art, Logic & Peace of Mind

“Moms are constantly fighting to make their homes, their lives, and their brains function better. Who would have guessed that there are fun activities that can help you function better?

These books are full of fun logic and art activities that help your brain be more connected. A more connected brain helps critical decision-making abilities, organizational decisions, and brain energy to do the things that help us love and take care of our families to the best of our abilities!” - Amber Bohart

The detailed pen and ink drawings invite students- and adults- to complete the missing pieces. This is a lovely warm-up before school or art time. It’s also a great brain break during times of overwhelm or fatigue. These are also favorites for Moms. Each book has a slightly different theme.


Breakthrough and Lost & Found: Created with the help of Moms suffering from brain fog, ADHD, and anxiety.

Candlelight: Includes Psalms hidden and woven into the artwork and puzzles. Strengthen faith and mind.

Comfort & Joy: Cozy winter-themed pages to snuggle up with and get through the long winter days.


Homeschool Letters: Brain Games pages and letters of encouragement from other homeschooling moms. A beautiful pick me up on the hard days.


Little Things: Purse-sized Brain Games to take with you anywhere!


Morning Light, Wind & Rain, and Fire Light: These are based on our Dyslexia Games Series B & C.


How to use this bundle-

Start with whatever book speaks to you, and use a few pages a day.

These books are not just for moms, they help kids and teens to feel focused, motivated and at peace. If your child is having a hard time figuring out what to do, you may need to complete a couple of pages as a model. These are fun to work on side-by-side with your children.

We suggest completing 2-4 pages of Brain Games per day. Tinker around with what time of day works best for you/ your children. Some people prefer to do these first thing in the morning to help their minds wake up. Others like to use these as a way to unwind at the end of the day. While others like to split and do half in the morning and half at night. These are also great to pull out if a child is overwhelmed, frustrated, or doesn’t want to do “school work.”

These books are based on Dyslexia Games Series C, but do not have the same extensive focus on literacy.


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