PDF- Mom School - Homeschooling Handbook for Moms: How to Teach by Example

PDF- Mom School - Homeschooling Handbook for Moms: How to Teach by Example

A Core Journal For MOMS!!!  If your child has a Thinking Tree Core Journal, you need one too!
Print at Home!
Watch this video to learn more and see inside: https://youtu.be/ZDngrDd_q-M

Fun-Schooling by Example - Mom-School This is your “Mommy Workbook” is a Study Guide, Personal Planner, Journal & Stress Reducing Coloring Book! This book has many of the same types of pages as your child's Thinking Tree Journal!

Over 180 Pages of peaceful, interesting and inspiring activities for homeschooling moms to help you be an example to your children while becoming a more organized, more peaceful, less stressed out momma.

This book was created by a busy mom of ten, who finds great joy, peace, rest, order and fulfillment in the pages of this mother's handbook.Your children will see your example and take their work more seriously too. They will be inspired, interested and delighted to see you doing your schoolwork! You will need a stack of good books to accompany this Handbook.


Look around your house for books you would LOVE to read. Buy some new books. Go to the library. Choose a devotional, a cookbook, a parenting book, a book to help you learn new skills, a book to help you enrich your marriage, or something that inspires you, a novel, a biography, and some How-To guides.


Supplies Needed: Drawing pens, nice colored pencils, smooth markers. (Don’t let the kids run off with your supplies.)



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