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8th Grade Boy's & Girl's (Option 2) Curriculum Bundle

8th Grade Boy's & Girl's (Option 2) Curriculum Bundle


Advanced eighth-grade students are ready for a challenge.  These materials will help them be prepared for high school.  They’ll build a portfolio documenting their learning and go in-depth with some of our most advanced learning materials.  Students will stay engaged and have fun while being challenged daily. These lessons inspire confidence and help eighth graders to be ready for what’s to come in ninth grade.


Lessons are easy to plan and prepare.  Each day students will complete different learning activities within these journals.  They can work independently, in a small group, or as a full class. Our journals are easy to adapt to the individual needs of each student as well.  An entire school year of creative and interactive learning ready to go for your classroom.




  • Unschooling Journal: Document learning in multiple core subjects all in one book.  Students can study independently or record information learned in class-wide projects and presentations.  Includes creative thinking and learning activities as well as art to engage different parts of the brain. 

  • The Songwriter’s Fun-Schooling Journal: Songwriters of all abilities will be challenged by a variety of song-writing prompts and encouraged to explore their own creative interests.  Students will approach learning as a whole and cover art, math, spelling, language arts, and more, while studying songwriting. 

  • 12 Subject Portfolio: Document learning in 12 core subjects all in one book.  Students can study independently or record information learned in class-wide projects and presentations.  This is the perfect portfolio to prepare students for more independent learning and note taking in high school. 

  • Viking Vocabulary: This book is designed to teach practical writing skills on a high level. Though this book is excellent in terms of preparing your student for high-level learning, it is also very helpful for teens who want to become writers.

  • Pondering the Past: This book includes a short introduction to 30 classical stories with three pages of illustrations, copywork, learning prompts, and research activities for each story and author. Your students will cover literature and history in one book.

  • 50 Creative Writing Prompts:  This intriguing book will inspire students to write stories packed with adventure, mystery, fun, danger, and humor. Students will need to do research to complete some of the stories by delving into topics related to geography and social studies. 

  • Learn Any Foreign Language:  This is a unique and creative approach to document foreign language learning. Students will research new words and phrases, then memorize and practice them in fun ways.

  • Adventures Around the World - Social Studies & Geography (not pictured): Worldschooling: Geography and Social Studies should never be boring! Learn about life, people, nature, inventions, historic events, cool places and unique attributes of dozens of different countries.

  • How to Write Research Papers and Essays(not pictured): A gentle, user-friendly approach to writing including 15 writing projects of various types, culminating in research-based writing.

  • Suggested Lesson Plan

    Below is a suggested schedule for your classroom or homeschool. The page amounts listed under each title are the suggested number of pages to complete in a week.  We know each day will vary and some days you might get through more and others less. It’s meant to give flexibility while still completing the journal in an entire semester or school year. This is based on a typical 180-day/ 36-week long school year.  Adjust as needed if your school, or family, follows a different schedule.   We’ve also included a few tips and notes when needed.

    Core journals- Students can complete their core journals daily either in the morning to open the day or have a “core journal” time in the afternoon.  These can be completed in small groups or alone.

    • The Songwriter’s Fun-Schooling Journal
      • Complete in one semester
      • 2-4 pages per day
    • Unschooling Journal
      • Complete in one semester
      • 3-5 pages per day
    • 12 Subject Portfolio
      • Students will use this throughout the year to document learning or to take notes during lectures and videos

    Language Arts- complete daily

    • Book of Proper English Grammar
      • Students will document their grammar notes in this journal or use for an in-depth study of English Grammar
    • Viking Vocabulary
      • 2-4 pages per day
    • 50 Creative Writing Prompts
      • 1-3 pages per week
    • Pondering the Past
      • 1-3 pages per day


    • Learn Any Foreign Language
      • 5-7 pages per week
      • Complete daily for 15-30 minutes.  May complete in small groups, as a class, or independently. 
    • Book of Culture & Communities
      • Students will document their social studies notes in this journal or use for an in-depth study of Cultures and Communities


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