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A homeschooling preschool girl works on a Dyslexia Games workbook
100 Numbers by Thinking Tree Books next to some change
A bookshelf with Thinking Tree Books
a 4th Grade homeschooling boy is working on Dyslexia Games Series A
A 7th grade girl is homeschooling while working on Dyslexia Games Series C
Thinking Tree Books

"Fun-Schoolers are Playful"

A book, All About Ocean Creatures by Thinking Tree Books is next to a puzzle
A 2nd Grade homeschooling boy is drawing
Thinking Tree Books in front of a computer and piano keyboard
Baker's Journal, Yum-Schooling Cookbook, and Smoothie Time are in a basket from Thinking Tree Books
A book, Learn Any Foreign Language by Thinking Tree Books on a table
Sarah Janisse Brown is teaching two of her children

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