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A boy reading a Fun-Schooling Book
A book, Songwriter's Fun-Schooling Journal, next to a guitar.
A basket with Fun-Schooling book and puzzle games

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A hand-drawn tiger with a parrot on its back.  The Animal's Fun-Schooling Theme
A drawing of a Creeper and other Minecraft characters for the Minecraft Fun-Schooling Theme

Here you can design your child's curriculum around these popular Fun-Schooling themes.

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A hand drawn drawing of a canvas and paintbrush for the Coloring Book Fun-Schooling Theme
A hand-drawn piano for The Arts Fun-Schooling Theme
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Hand Drawn Tomatoes for the Food Fun-Schooling Theme
Hand Drawn Woman in a victorian dress with an umbrella for the Fashion Fun-Schooling Theme
A hand drawn painting of an art canvas and painting in nature for the Nature Fun-Schooling Theme
A hand painted jar of planets for the Space Fun-Schooling Theme
A hand-painted waterfront street of buildings for the Travel Fun-Schooling Theme
a painting of a fantasy world with a cat and fish for the Science & Technology Fun-Schooling Theme
A painting of a German or Austrian busines for the Money & Careers Fun-Schooling
A painting of hand written diary pages with a map for the Writing & Journalism Fun-Schooling Theme
A painting of three soldiers in Medieval times for the History Fun-Schooling Theme
A painting of ice skates, a soccer ball, and other sports equipment for the Sports & Adventure Fun-Schooling Theme
A painting of a Bible and a scroll for the Bible Fun-Schooling Theme
A painting of a woman in bed drinking tea for the Mom-School Fun-Schooling Theme
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