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PDF (Ages 12+) Guide to Birth Work - For Aspiring Mothers, Midwives, Doulas

PDF (Ages 12+) Guide to Birth Work - For Aspiring Mothers, Midwives, Doulas

A research guide for aspiring mothers, midwives, doulas, lactation consultants, childbirth educators, nurse-midwives and OB-GYNs.

The Thinking Tree Guide to Birth Work is a Childbirth Education Research Handbook designed for expectant mothers, aspiring birth workers & students. This is the perfect guide for women interested in childbirth who would like to explore career paths directly related to supporting mothers through this time of life.


1. Birth Worker Definitions
2. Birth as a Natural Process
3. First Trimester
4. Second Trimester
5. Third Trimester
6. Prenatal Nutrition
7. Exercise
8. Ultrasounds
9. Lab Work
10. Anemia
11. Gestational Diabetes
12. Preeclampsia
13. Amniotic Fluid
14. Labor Stage One
15. Labor Stage Two
16. Labor Stage Three
17. Fetal Positions
18. Breech Delivery
19. Shoulder Dystocia
20. Cord Problems
21. Postpartum Hemorrhage
22. Fetal Distress
23. Placenta Problems
24. Neonatal Resuscitation
25. Cascade of Interventions
26. Cesarean Sections
27. Infant Microbiome
28. Herbs
29. Breastfeeding
30. Pain Management Techniques
31. How to become a Certified Doula
32. How to become a Midwife
33. How to become a Lactation Consultant
34. How to become a Nurse-Midwife
35. How to become an OB-GYN
36. Birth Videos
37. Attending Births

This is a research handbook, not a book of information. This handbook guides you on a well-rounded and well organized quest for knowledge and experience, The questions, topics and research prompts will lead you on your own journey to study each body of knowledge using the books, videos, resources that align with your own goals surrounding pregnancy, childbirth and mothering.

This book will guide you through researching the natural childbirth process and many of the different career paths in which you can support woman through it.

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