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PDF Animal Bundle #2 (Print-at-Home)

PDF Animal Bundle #2 (Print-at-Home)

PDF - Print-at-Home (no physical products will be mailed)


Students will cover the basics in a fun and non-threatening approach. 


They’ll learn to read, write, spell, research, and more. You can ignite a love of learning by tapping into things your student already loves. These materials have an animal theme.  Students will engage different parts of their brains, learn about animals, and have fun.

Use daily and complete in a year. Students can also spread out the journals to make them last several years. A suggested lesson plan is included below.  Students can work independently, in a small group, or as a class. All you need to add are library books, podcasts, videos, and art supplies. Then document your learning in these guided journals. 

Suggested Age Range- 6+
A wide range of ages can use these journals by selecting age-appropriate study materials.


Teach Your Child 100 Words: Spelling and science in one fun book! This book teaches children about 21 wild animals and introduces them to 100 words. Easy-to-learn poems and engaging illustrations make spelling fun.

Dino Doodle: This core journal covers all the basic elementary school subjects while teaching about dinosaurs!  They’ll even get to learn to draw their favorite dinos.

Kitty Doodle’s Homeschooling Curriculum: Kitty cats galore grace this journal.  Students will document learning in multiple core elementary subjects with a fun cat theme.  Includes cat coloring pages, writing prompts, and other activities.

Homeschooling With Pets: Over 200 lessons and activities based on pets.  Students will document learning in all the basic school subjects, such as handwriting, reading, math practice, art, storytelling, music, and more while tapping into things that interest them.

Zoo Curriculum Journal 180 Animal theme activities for young learners. Students will cover all the basic school subjects with a fun animal theme.


Below are a few options for scheduling your Fun-Schooling day. There is no “wrong” way to use Fun-Schooling Journals. Be creative! Please reach out if you need help with planning/scheduling.

We recommend the same number of pages per day as a child’s age. An 8-year-old would work on 8 pages/day, a 14-year-old would work on 14 pages/day. One page is a single side of the paper- not both.

Option 1- Pure loop. Stick everything in a pile. Let your child decide how many pages to complete in each journal as they work through the stack. After they finish with a journal, it goes to the bottom of the pile. This is the most child-led and relaxed method.

Option 2- Half the pages per day from one journal and half from another, completing two journals per day.

Option 3- Theme days. For example, Monday Core Journal. Tuesday, Language Arts. Wednesday, Geography- etc.
Option 4- Half pages from a core journal, the rest from one single subject journal.
Option 5- Work in-depth on one journal and complete it thoroughly, then move on to the following journal. Most journals will last six-twelve weeks with this method.


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