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PDF (10+) Core Journal - ASD & Gifted Student - ALL IN ONE Homeschool Curriculum

PDF (10+) Core Journal - ASD & Gifted Student - ALL IN ONE Homeschool Curriculum

8 Week Course - 430 Lessons

(The student will generally use 10 pages each day) 

Ages 9 to 12+

This core curriculum journal has a unique focus on independent study, special interests, eye contact therapy, logic skills, and discovery.


This book guides the student through several differnt required subjects what the student digs deep into his or her passion. The program includes therapy pages. Some of the pages help the student to understand facial expressions and feelings, there is another set of therapy pages that uses art to help children to become more comfortable with making eye contact. People with ASD tend to avoid making eye contact, so by using art we can help them to overcome this problem. The activities include logic games to help with symptoms of Dyslexia as well as ASD.

This 8 week course allows the student to choose up to nine books and several educational movies or documentaries to base their curriculum on. Maybe you have a child who loves dinosaurs, space, robots and Star Wars you can now let them go to the library, get a stack of book on these topics, and base their homeschooling experience on these special interests.

With this homeschooling guide any special interest will do. What does you child love? Insects? Kittens? Photography? Farming? Pioneer Life? Italy? Horses? Baking? Money? World War 2? Ancient Egypt? Cosmetics? Victorian Houses? Music? Inventions?

This workbooks enables your child to do a unit study based on any topic! Now your child will love homeschooling, and have the freedom and structure he or she needs to thrive and have a well rounded learning experience.

This workbook includes immersion into every subject except math. The program provides about 4 hours of daily instruction and independent study prompts for 8 weeks.

No parent teaching is needed for students who are able to read

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