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Backyard Science Bundle for Nature Lovers

Backyard Science Bundle for Nature Lovers

“Never be within doors when you can rightly be without.”- If this quote from Charlotte Mason describes your homeschool, this is the nature study bundle you’ve been looking for! Students will have a chance to explore the outdoors while also having fun.The perfect family nature study- or for one student to use over several years.

Students will learn about birds, plants, bugs, butterflies, and much more. They’ll even start their own garden and become master bird watchers. We hope this bundle helps your family embrace the great outdoors!


All About Bugs: 250 fun bug-themed activities core journal. Cover every major school subject and learn about dozens of bugs in the process.

All About Butterflies: This core journal allows your student to cover all the major school subjects while studying butterflies in-depth. They’ll learn about a variety of butterfly species, ideal butterfly habitats, life cycles, and more.


Bird Watching Journal: Provides students a place to document their bird observations and learn more about each bird they see (or want to see!)

Book of State Birds, Trees, and Flowers-Students will use these three books to learn about the plants and animals that represent each state. Students will learn their scientific names, how to identify them, discover interesting facts, and more.

Garden Research Handbook- Guides students through the process of learning how to plan a successful garden. Covers topics such as composing, types of soil, climates and zones, and plant disease.

Rocks & Minerals: Students will “dig” deep into the world of rocks and minerals with this core journal. They will build their collection and unearth a greater understanding of the geological world all around them.


Scheduling this Bundle-


Students of all ages can use this bundle. It will be easiest with kids who can read independently but younger children will love working with older siblings or an adult.


Below are a few options for scheduling your Fun-Schooling day. There is no “wrong” way to use Fun-Schooling Journals. Be creative! Please reach out if you need help with planning/scheduling.

We recommend the same number of pages per day as a child’s age across all Fun-Schooling journals. An 8-year-old would work on 8 pages/day, a 14-year-old would work on 14 pages/day. One page is a single side of the paper- not both.

Option 1- Pure loop. Stick everything in a pile. Let your child decide how many pages to complete in each journal as they work through the stack. After they finish with a journal, it goes to the bottom of the pile. This is the most child-led and relaxed method.

Option 2- Half the pages per day from one journal and half from another, completing two journals per day.

Option 3- Theme days. For example, Monday Core Journal. Tuesday, Language Arts. Wednesday, Geography- etc.

Option 4- Half pages from a core journal, the rest from one single subject journal.

Option 5- Work in-depth on one journal and complete it thoroughly, then move on to the following journal. Most journals will last six-twelve weeks with this method.

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