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Beginners Homeschooling Collection (Paperback)

Beginners Homeschooling Collection (Paperback)

A fun and creative way to teach basic skills to your littlest learners. Now younger siblings can have journals just like their older siblings.


Your preschoolers will learn numbers, colors, shapes, letters, and much more with this bundle. We’ve even included a journal full of tips, reflection, and encouragement for Mom.


This bundle will last an entire school year with the suggested lesson plan below. Or use at your own pace and it can last for years to come!


Lessons are easy to plan and prepare. Students can work independently, in a small group, or as a class. Just add library books, podcasts, videos, and art supplies.


These can be used by a wide range of ages by selecting age-appropriate study materials.

Then document your learning in these guided journals. An entire school year for your preschooler!



● Beginners Do-It-Myself Journal: A beginner’s journal full of 100 educational and fun activities. Document learning in colors, numbers, letters, feelings, early reading & writing, and more.

● The Littlest Kindergarten Workbook: Over 100 pages of do-it-yourself beginner learning in a size perfect for little hands. Covers everything from letters, numbers, weather, shapes, colors, poetry, animals, and handwriting, to problem-solving and more.

● Ages 3 to 6 - Alphabet Fun-Schooling Journal: Activities to help young children learn how to write letters and understand each sound. Students will color, write, and draw as they learn their letters.

● My First Fun-Schooling Math Workbook: The perfect introduction to mathematics for young students. The adorable illustrations, creative learning games, and fun activities keep children interested and curious. Covers number writing, math stories, shapes, days of the week, and more.

● Teach Your Child to Count to Ten: You can teach your child to count, color, draw, read and make their own cute little book about numbers!● My First Fun-Schooling Reading, Writing and Research Workbook: 100 Learning Activities for Ages 4 to 6 - Reading, Writing, Poetry, Drawing, Mazes & Learn to Research Ten Different Occupations

● A Fun-Schooling Journal for Moms of Pre-Schoolers: How to prepare your child for school while having fun at home.


Suggested Lesson Plans For all options- We suggest students complete the same number of pages per day as their age. A 3-year-old would work on 3 pages/day, a 5-year-old would work on 5 pages/day.


Option 1- Fun-Schooling for Beginners first semester, Littlest Kindergarten Workbook second semester.

Ages 3 to 6 Alphabet Journal first semester, Reading, Writing and Research Workbook second semester.


Teach Your Child to Count to Ten first semester, My First Fun-Schooling Math Workbook second semester.


A four-year old’s week during the 1st semester might look like this:

M- 4 pages in Fun-Schooling for Beginners

T- 4 pages in Ages 3 to 6 Journal

W- 2 pages in Fun-Schooling for Beginners, 2 Pages in Teach Your Child to Count to Ten

Th- 4 pages of their choosing

F- Field Trip or Nature Outing day


Option 2-Use one journal at a time. Each journal will last 6-12 weeks depending on the age of your child. Our materials are flexible. There’s no wrong way to use them!

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