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PDF (Age4+) Devotional - Biblical Virtues & Values - Beginner's Character

PDF (Age4+) Devotional - Biblical Virtues & Values - Beginner's Character

This is the PDF to print at home. If you would like the PAPERBACK, or wish to read the reviews on Amazon here is the LINK 

Biblical Virtues & Values - Beginner's Character Development Journal: Explore 50 Characteristics: For Children's Ministry, Homeschooling, and Family Devotions - Ages 4 to 8! Level A

Help Your Young Child Develop Good Character and Strong Values Thinking Tree Books for Beginners - Ages 4-8


Study 50 characteristics! For Children's Ministry, Christian Schools, Homeschooling Co-ops, Homeschooling Families, and Devotional Use. Study one characteristic each week and the book will last a whole year! (Just take two weeks off for Christmas time!)


How to Use This Book: Read each verse to the child 3 times as you point to each word. Read the verse together on the 4th reading, ask the child to read the verse or recite the verse alone.


Do the activities together on the first few pages, after which your child can work on activities on their own.


Use colored pencils or gel pens to color each Bible verse and character. While the child is coloring, discuss the character trait in that lesson. Part of a Thinking Tree Series for the Whole FamilyThis book is part of a set of Character Development Journals for three different age groups. Level A for ages 4-8, Level B for ages 9-12, and Level C for teens and adults.

All three books cover the same Bible verses and same characters. Children of all ages can work at their own level in a group setting!


This set is perfect for family devotions or for using in a group with a wide age range of children.


Thinking Tree Learning LevelsThinking Tree Learning Level A1 & A2, ages 4-8.



My Melanie Potter, Sarah Janisse Brown, Tanya Woodbury-Jones & Alexandra Bretush

Look inside and learn more.


Thinking Tree Learning Levels:


A1 = Pre Reader (Pre-K) ages 2-5

A2 = Beginning Readers (K-1st) ages 6-7

B1 = Early Elementary (2nd-3rd) ages 8-9

B2 = Upper Elementary (4th-6th) ages 10-11

C1 = Junior High (7th-8th) ages 12-14

C2 = High school + (9th-adult) ages 13+


Many Thinking Tree Journals span a wide variety of ages because the students use books at his/her reading level. For example, some journals may say for ages 7-17 because you customize it and meet the student where he’s at.

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