PDF Biblical Virtues & Values - Character Development Journal - Ages 8+

PDF Biblical Virtues & Values - Character Development Journal - Ages 8+

Help your children develop better character and stronger values!

Thinking Tree Books - Ages 9+ (Print at Home for EVERY member of the Family!)

Study 50 Characteristics! For Youth Group Bible Study, Homeschooling and Devotional Use. Study one characteristic each week and the book will last a whole year! (Just take two weeks off for Christmas time!)

How to Use This Book:

This is a fun book of characters with character! This book can be used at home, at church, for a youth group lesson, children's church, for co-ops and for homeschooling. Children will learn how to look up verses in the Bible and apply what they learn in a fun and relevant way. It is for all ages, but the artwork is geared toward ages 9 to 16.

You will need a Bible and a dictionary to look up the words and verses in each lesson.

1. Look up each verse and choose your favorite. Write your favorite verse in the box.

2. Look up each characteristic in the dictionary and write down two other words that could describe this character.

3. Color the character and think about the bible verses that you studied.

4. Read the drawing prompt at the bottom of the activity page. Draw a comic style picture in the box.

5. Think about each character. Do you want to be like this character?

Use colored pencils or gel pens to color each character.

By: Melanie Potter, Sarah Janisse BRown, Tanya Woodbury-Jones & Alexandra Bretush

Learn more and see inside: https://youtu.be/UZZ4Mgjau-A


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