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PDF (Ages 8+) Exploring Our Planet - Biomes in Minecraft

PDF (Ages 8+) Exploring Our Planet - Biomes in Minecraft

Study Earth Science and Natural Geography as you build in your Minecraft Worls!


Homeschooling Research Handbook


About this Book:


This research handbook is packed with learning prompts and fun activities that all revolve around Minecraft and the natural features of our planet. The workbook provides 250 pages of learning for of all ages. Studying Earth’s natural geography while playing Minecraft should be fun, full of adventure and creativity. If any of these types of landforms or bodies of water are within a half day’s drive, GO! Children ages 9+ should be able to work through this book with minimal assistance; younger children will need help with reading, writing, and research. This workbook is fun for all ages and can be used in collaboration with multiple siblings as a family project. Help your child choose safe research materials and documentaries. Complete three pages each day to finish this book in one semester, or complete one or two pages a day to make the book last a full school year. Your student will need to have a Minecraft account for building projects, and in order to teleport to the biomes in this book, your Minecraft world will need to have cheats enabled. It’s easy! You will have on option when loading your world.


By Margarita Bown, Isaac Brown, Sarah Brown & Notika Pashenko

Research Topics:



  1. Savannas
  2. Rivers
  3. Lakes
  4. Oceans
  5. Seas
  6. Waterfalls
  7. Forests
  8. Lagoons
  9. Deserts
  10. Glaciers
  11. Ponds
  12. Streams
  13. Canyons
  14. Islands
  15. Plateaus
  16. Hot springs
  17. Plains
  18. Oases
  19. Geysers
  20. Rainforests
  21. Volcanoes
  22. Mountains
  23. Icebergs
  24. Craters
  25. Tundra
  26. Swamps
  27. Valleys
  28. Meadows
  29. Hills
  30. Caves
  31. Springs
  32. Quarries
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