PDF - Explorers & Pioneers - Past and Present - Time Travel History

PDF - Explorers & Pioneers - Past and Present - Time Travel History

A beautifully illustrated research journal! Throughout history Explorers and Pioneers have transformed the world.

Students will research over 30 different historical figures from throughout the world and the ages. We have chosen to focus on a diverse assortment of men and women who made an impact on the world through their discovery, exploration and pioneering efforts. Students will learn about the accomplishments, family, life, beliefs, and adventures of each influencer.

Dive into thinking about these explorers and pioneers in a way no other material out there does. It is a wonderful way to study history that is fun and engaging. Use daily for a unit lasting about 6 weeks, or weekly to last all year. You can even use this over a period of several years as you study different historical periods.

The individuals are presented in this book in alphabetical order, use the book from cover to cover or skip around to research each person in chronological order.

Thinking Tree Learning Levels: C1 & C2, ideal for ages 10+. This journal is an excellent companion to our Make Your Own Timeline of World History and Heroes & Villains of History.This book uses the Dyslexie font for easier reading for Dyslexic students.

By Sarah Janisse Brown
Illustated By: Savannah Gerdes & Serge Andreev

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