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Life Skills Homeschooling Collection (Paperback)

Life Skills Homeschooling Collection (Paperback)

We like to think of this as our “home economics at home” bundle. Students will learn all the necessary skills they need to not only survive as an adult- but thrive!


They will have a chance to cook, garden, learn about money, and develop essential life skills. This bundle will set your tweens and teens up for a lifetime of needed skills.


They’ll work on math, reading, spelling, history, science, research, writing, and more. Add in a math curriculum, if desired- or let the cooking projects provide real-life math.


This bundle will last an entire school year with the suggested lesson plans below. Or use at your own pace and it can last for years to come!


Lessons are easy to plan and prepare. Students can work independently, in a small group, or as a class. Just add library books, podcasts, videos, and art supplies. These can be used by a wide range of ages by selecting age-appropriate study materials. Then document your learning in these guided journals.


An entire school year of interest-based Delight Directed learning is ready to go for your tween/teen. Includes:


● The Baker’s Fun-Schooling Journal: Document learning in a number of school subjects, while focusing on baking. Students will work through baking challenges, try new recipes, and get to be creative in the kitchen. An excellent way to introduce basic home economics.


● Smoothie Time: Packed full of nutrition for the mind and body. Students will follow the recipes to make delicious, healthy smoothies and milkshakes. They’ll complete fun, educational activities and research projects, learn home economics, color, do word searches, and research what they can do with that leftover banana peel.


● Life Skills: Learn 36 essential life skills like first aid, pumping gas, laundry, and reading a map.


● Do-It-Yourself Garden Research Handbook: How to Design, Plant, & Care for Your Own Garden! Homeschooling Science, Nature & Home Economics


● All About Money: Students will study how money works and how the government influences the economy. this book is current. Students will also research topics such as how the COVID-19 Pandemic is impacting the United States and the world today.


● The Chef’s Fun-Schooling Journal: The Chef's Fun-Schooling Journal is a curriculum handbook that covers a number of school subjects, while focusing on cooking. Students will work through cooking challenges, try new recipes, and get to be creative.


Suggested Lesson PlansFor all options- We suggest students complete the same number of pages per day as their age.


A 10-year-old would work on 10 pages/day, a 17-year-old would work on 17 pages/day.


Option 1- Chef’s journal first semester and the Baker’s journal second semester daily for half the total pages. Then use a different journal per day for your total page count.

A ten-year old’s week might look like this:

M- 5 pages in Baker or Chef, 5 pages in Life Skills

T- 5 pages in Baker or Chef, 5 pages in Garden

W- 5 pages in Baker or Chef, 5 pages in All About Money

Th- 5 pages in Baker or Chef, 5 pages in Smoothie Time

F- Free choice


Option 2-Use one journal at a time. Each journal will last 6-12 weeks depending on the age of your child.


Option 3-Do one Life Skill per week and 5-6 pages of Smoothie Time per week.Chef and Garden first semester.Baker and All About Money second semester.Our materials are flexible. There’s no wrong way to use them!

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