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Mom-School 75 Day Challenge - Surprise Box

Mom-School 75 Day Challenge - Surprise Box

Sarah Janisse Brown is creating custom surprise boxes for moms who are participating in the 75 Day Mom-School Challenge!

The Box includes:

3 Mom-School Books:

A Planner

Brain Games

Mom-School Journal

Herbal Tea Blend by Sarah

Womanly Bliss & Brain Booster!

Tea Bags for loose leaf tea

A treat!

A surprise!

An original, one of a kind, signed, pen and ink, illustration by Sarah Janisse Brown from her book Brain Games - Comfort & Joy, Breakthrough or Lost & Found

This 75 Day Challenge is a unique blend of education, self-care, and fun, tailored for moms who are eager to focus on their long-term goals with a supportive community. Over the next 75 days, we'll embark on a journey with four transformative goals:

1. Embrace the Great Outdoors - Spend 45 minutes outside each day to reconnect with nature. Choose any outdoor activities that work for you, lounge in the backyard, hike, take the kids to the park, go kayaking, camp, take a walk in your neighborhood, it’s your choice! You do something.

2. Fitness Fun - You could Engage in a 45-minute indoor workout, take a walk or a run, or aim for 10,000 or 15,000 steps, set up your Smart Watch to help you reach your goals, shoot for 75 miles over the 75 days! There are so many options, you choose a goal that works for you!

3. Mom-School Mastery - Achieve daily learning and creativity milestones, including reading, journaling, and engaging in brain-stimulating activities.


1. Read 10 pages from a nonfiction book.

2. Read to your child.

3. Mom-School! We will be using three Thinking Tree Journals in the Challenge: Brain Games, A Planner & A Mom-School Journal of your choice!

We will share what we are all doing.

4. Delicious Diet - Focus on hydration, eliminate refined sugars. Choose a wholesome diet. Yes, choose any diet! Paleo? Trim Healthy Mama? Mediterranean? Blue Zones diet? Cut Sugar? Cut Caffeine? You choose! We will feature different ideas.

Join us to transform your wellness and education in a fun and engaging way. With options to customize your challenge, support from the Mom-School Challenge Group, and exciting rewards, there’s every reason to participate.

Choose your start date: February 10th or March 1st- or join anytime!

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To share your Journey post a picture of your favorite moment each day as you pursue your goals with these three hashtags:

#MomSchoolChallenge #75daychallengeformoms


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