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Mom School- Paperback- Secular

Mom School- Paperback- Secular

Fun-Schooling Moms like to set a good example for their children by pursuing their interests. This bundle will help you expand your mind and think about something other than chores.


Dive into your own learning, pre-read books you’re considering using for school, or simply take a relaxing brain break and color. This bundle is full of encouragement, resources, tips, and relaxation all for moms. It’s the perfect way to start your own Mom School basket and unplug for a while.


Homeschooling Handbook for Moms- A core journal just for moms! Pursue your interests and enjoy Mom School time alongside your children.

Lost & Found and Fire Light-- Detailed pen and ink drawings invite you to complete the missing pieces. This is a great brain break during times of overwhelm or fatigue. Moms tell us they have even found relief from brain fog and anxiety using these journals.


Do It Today-Get out of survival mode and thrive with this 90-day pocket planner. Using our simple method, countless moms have found more ease in their homes and homeschool.


Windows to Our World- Peek inside Sarah’s early years of parenthood and homeschooling. Be inspired by her journey, get helpful tips, and take a relaxing break to read.


Flip to Fun-Schooling- The essential handbook for all Fun-Schooling moms. Part planner, part journal, and part inspiration. You’ll find yourself referencing this again and again over the years.


How to Escape the Digital World- Technology addiction is the world's most widespread and acceptable addiction. This little journal contains simple steps and practical ways to unplug and enjoy the real world more!


Are You a Math Genius?- This is one of our most popular math journals. Moms love to use it to keep their minds fresh, think outside the box, and work on math with their kids. We use creative games, logic problems, art, and our unique approach to tap into your creative side to finish this book. This is THE book to help learn how to use math in the real world.


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