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Ocean Explorers - Cover Every Subject but Math for Sea Loving Students

Ocean Explorers - Cover Every Subject but Math for Sea Loving Students


By the time your student has finished this bundle, they’ll be an ocean expert! “Dive” into the depths and study every basic school subject at the same time. This bundle can be used as a family study or a single student can work through it for a couple of years. We’ve included three core journals, language arts, history, and nature study. Tap into your student’s interests and make a splash in their education.


All about Oceans: An in-depth Marine Biology journal with over 300 pages. Students will “dive” into every major ocean and the different zones in each. They’ll study dozens of fascinating ocean creatures and facts.

Explorers & Pioneers: Students will research over 30 historical figures from worldwide and the ages. We have chosen to focus on a diverse assortment of men and women who impacted the world through their discovery, exploration, and pioneering efforts.


Homeschooling with Dolphins & Homeschooling with Sharks: Cover every major school subject with a fun dolphin or shark theme. Includes projects, environmental studies, and experiments. Students will also work on cursive handwriting and math!


Seaside Science: Study the amazing world of shells, sea animals, seaside plants, birds, beaches around the world, and much more. Students will draw sea creatures, identify native herbs, learn about rare and endangered animals, and gain skills for observation.


Warrior Word Work: Through games and poems students will learn all about word analysis, abbreviations, compound words, synonyms, antonyms, multiple meaning words and syllable work. There are seven poems included to help students anchor the concepts into their memory through reading, chanting, writing, drawing, coloring, and reviewing the poems.


Scheduling this Bundle-

Warrior Word Work is foundational grammar and language arts skills. This is the best journal to start with younger students for Language Arts or to strengthen/introduce skills for older students. Everything else can be used by students aged 8+.


Below are a few options for scheduling your Fun-Schooling day. There is no “wrong” way to use Fun-Schooling Journals. Be creative! Please reach out if you need help with planning/scheduling.

We recommend the same number of pages per day as a child’s age across all Fun-Schooling journals. An 8-year-old would work on 8 pages/day, a 14-year-old would work on 14 pages/day. One page is a single side of the paper- not both.

Option 1- Pure loop. Stick everything in a pile. Let your child decide how many pages to complete in each journal as they work through the stack. After they finish with a journal, it goes to the bottom of the pile. This is the most child-led and relaxed method.

Option 2- Half the pages per day from one journal and half from another, completing two journals per day.

Option 3- Theme days. For example, Monday Core Journal. Tuesday, Language Arts. Wednesday, Geography- etc.

Option 4- Half pages from a core journal, the rest from one single subject journal.

Option 5- Work in-depth on one journal and complete it thoroughly, then move on to the following journal. Most journals will last six-twelve weeks with this method.

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