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PDF (12+) How to Write  Research Papers & Essays

PDF (12+) How to Write Research Papers & Essays

By Dr. Dennis H. Janisse & Georgia Janisse

Illustrated by Sarah Janisse Brown

A gentle, user-friendly approach to writing including 15 writing projects of various types, culminating in research-based writing.

Students begin slowly and simply, writing about topics that interest them just to get the juices flowing and to build confidence.

Guidance is provided all along the way as students learn how to ask good questions, and examine what approaches can be used to write about their topics.

Specifics are given on principles like: using a key words and Venn diagrams how to organize sources and ideas how to outline (templates provided) brainstorming and planning (planning forms included) the construction of a good paragraph the structure of a well-written paper how to formulate good footnotes.

The journal methodically maps out the writing of drafts and revisions. Helpful tips from the author are scattered throughout the lessons. There is a gradual easing-into writing on appointed topics that are informative, biographical, comparison/contrast, or persuasive in nature.

Young writers are guided in how to practically apply all the structural knowledge they've gleaned in the beginning sections of the book. This thick journal provides ample space for each assignment to be written within its covers, so that the finished product will be a very nice portfolio of the student's growth in the writing process.





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