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PDF (5+) Spelling Time - The Four Seasons - Master 150 Words

PDF (5+) Spelling Time - The Four Seasons - Master 150 Words

This is the PDF to print at home. To purchase the PAPERBACK and read reviews on Amazon.


Children will use this book to practice reading, writing, spelling, logic, art, drawing, coloring, creating calendars and for writing their own stories and poems.


They’ll learn 150 words in a fun way.


We combine art, science, month's, weather, seasons and language arts all in one adorable book.


This unique and fun method is perfect for all students, especially struggling and reluctant learners.


Uses the Dyslexie Font to make reading easy for children with reading confusion. Perfect for students with Dyslexia, Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD and other learning challenges.


“My 8 year old adores this book! It has sweet pictures and she likes how the poetry is about the seasons and months. The way spelling is taught is a very right brain in context way to learn to spell the words. This means that the spelling words will go into the long term memory rather than just learning for a test and forgetting. It is a brilliant way to learn how to spell words! Enjoyable and more effective than the usual method of spelling list.” ~Homeschooling Mom


By Charity Janisse Thayer


Thinking Tree Learning Levels:

A1 = Pre Reader (Pre-K) ages 2-5

A2 = Beginning Readers (K-1st) ages 6-7

B1 = Early Elementary (2nd-3rd) ages 8-9

B2 = Upper Elementary (4th-6th) ages 10-11

C1 = Junior High (7th-8th) ages 12-14

C2 = High school + (9th-adult) ages 13+


Many Thinking Tree Journals span a wide variety of ages because the students use books at his/her reading level. For example, some journals may say for ages 7-17 because you customize it and meet the student where he’s at.


Reproducible for Family Use Only.

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