PDF - A Treasury of Psalms & Proverbs - King James Version: Vocabulary, Spelling

PDF - A Treasury of Psalms & Proverbs - King James Version: Vocabulary, Spelling

Study Advanced Spelling & Vocabulary with the Journal! - PDF - Print at Home for your whole family!

Use the King James Bible to build your faith and your vocabulary! A Homeschooling Curriculum for Language Arts. You’ll work on Spelling, Bible reflection, create comics, Copywork, prayer, and more with this beautiful book. The more Bible words you know the more you can have an understanding of the Bible as you read and study it. As you work through this book pay attention to how you can learn about who God is from the book of Psalms. Then, look for how you can be a wise person as you work through the verses in Proverbs. Adults love this book as well, work on it alongside your children during learning time to be a good example!


Uses the Dyslexie font to help students with Dyslexia and letter confusion and reversal.


D2odblebug says:

“This book is a blessing to my family. We love that it is all from the King James Version of the Bible. It challenges upper elementary students as well as older students and adults to learn Bible vocabulary from the books of Proverbs and Psalms. This is important to our family because the more vocabulary that is learned, the more they can understand and know God Himself.

Psalms teaches many attributes about God and Proverbs teaches about the wisdom a man can learn strengthening their character while they go through this study. The prayer request lists, personal application sections to fill out, and questions to answer are a plus to help apply the scriptures and challenge the understanding of the student of the Bible text. This is great for going through a Bible study with your homeschoolers, family, or through personal devotions.”


Jeff is working on this alongside his child:

“My oldest and i will be using this together this year. It will help teach him how to understand and apply the scriptures to our lives today.”


The King James Bible was written long ago and uses an older form of English than we speak today. You will see a variety of Bible vocabulary words to define ending in “th” and “eth” in this devotional. For example: saith, exalteth.

In order to properly define these words and find them in your dictionary simply drop off the “th” or “eth” or any other suffix and look up the root word. For the word “exalteth” you would look up the word “exalt” and find the definition in your dictionary.

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