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PDF (Ages 7+) Kitty Doodle Homeschooling -Core Curriculum Journal

PDF (Ages 7+) Kitty Doodle Homeschooling -Core Curriculum Journal

Now you can organize your child's entire education around cats! For a widerange of ages! 7 to 17! 360 pages.

Homeschooling for Cat Lovers! Study up to 9 subjects, while having fun. Playful and artistic students will love the chance to doodle and draw cats all over their schoolwork. We have over 20 Homeschooling Journals to choose from! Start with your child's favorite cover, all the books are a little different on the inside so you can use them year round.


Homeschooling activities! We suggest using 10 pages per day along with a big stack of wonderful library books. This homeschooling journal guides the independent learner through 4 hours of educational bliss per day.


This is a six week plan. If you LOVE the independence and passion for learning that you see in your child when using this homeschooling journal, you can try our other journals next! Supplies Needed: You will need 6 to 9 library books, a stack of documentaries or educational movies, pencils, colored pencils, drawing pens and markers.362 pages, Paperback

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