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PDF (Ages 8+) Mission To Mars - Research, Imagine, Explore & Plan your Adventure

PDF (Ages 8+) Mission To Mars - Research, Imagine, Explore & Plan your Adventure

Mission To Mars - Research, Imagine, Explore & Plan your Adventure D.I.Y. Science, Art, Technology & Writing (Full Color - 245 Pages)

Introduction:This book was created by homeschooling families who are interested in travel to Mars. We created this book to help our families, especial our children to be able to envision what life might be like on our neighboring planet.This book will get you thinking thoughts you have never thought before.


You will be presented with challenges, problems, opportunities and questions without answers! You will need to do your own research to figure out how to survive and build safe homes and communities on Mars.


If you are using this book, we are expecting you to step up and think like a leader, and be ready to tap into every bit of imagination and courage that you possess.Moving to Mars is a big deal, you might die trying or you might become the parent of the first baby born on the red planet! You might come up with ideas and solutions that have yet to enter the human mind.


You are here to learn things that are still unknown. When it comes to moving to Mars, there are no experts, there are no people out there with personal experience! Yet a lot of people are working toward building communities off planet, and in your lifetime there is a good chance that people will step foot on Mars and make themselves at home. So let’s get a head start and figure out what it’s going to take to do the simplest things like breathe, eat, play, and access fresh water on another planet.

Tips: Use two or three pages per weekday to make this book last an entire semester.

Mission To Mars was created in collaboration with several Artists, Editors & Researchers

Detailed Illustrations By: Sarah Brown(Using MidJourney A. I. Art Technology)

Line Drawings by: Antoinette Marlow
Black & White Drawing By: Notika Pashenko
Mazes & Comic Art By: Fabio Cordero
Research Prompts by: Luke Prail Creative
Writing Prompts: Fern Hood & Georgia McKibbenAll About Mars By:Matthew, Kristi & Brayden Skinner
Inspirations, Ideas & Resources By:
Katina Aleksander

Pam White

Amanda Goldman

Elyse Marie Haile

Elizabeth Fuqua

Arti Mahendra Sharma

Sarah Neel

Erica Horton

Becca Sue

Olson Mueller

Diane C. Heeney

Sue Gerdes

Dennis Janisse

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