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PDF (Ages 8+) Mythological Creatures

PDF (Ages 8+) Mythological Creatures

Mythological Creatures & Legendary Animals - 245 Pages

Multi Subject Homeschooling Journal

Mythology, History, Social Studies, Creative Writing, Comics, Poetry, Drawing & Geography

A Multi Subject Homeschooling Journal for Ages 8 - 17 - Excellent for Creative Kids who are easily bored with normal schoolwork. This workbooks dives into Mythology, History, Social Studies, Creative Writing,Comics, Poetry, Drawing & Geography! Your student will enjoy 245 activities pages, use 2 to 4 pages each day, or study a different creature each week. The book can be used by students with Dyslexia, ADHD and Autism if they are interested in Mythological Creatures, By allowing students to focus on their passions we are able to encourage them to learn on a higher level.

Some of these creatures may not be Myths, but they are all legendary.
You can decide for yourself if they are real or imagined.


Due to the content of this book, it is up to your discretion to decide whether or not the student can do outside research.

Looking in library books or online is not necessary, but our recommendation is for the student to have parental guidance at all times when researching this topic.

The poems are meant to be informative, and the origin of each creature can be found in the Table of Contents page at the beginning of the book.

About the Artwork:

We chose two talented teen artists to illustrate this book. They both have their own unique styles and did their own research about what the creature looks might like. We hope you enjoy seeing the differences in each artist’s interpretation. Kaylea drew the coloring pages, Quinn drew the mazes.
How would you draw each creature?

About the Poetry:
We provided a poem about each creature to help your child to learn a lot without needing to go online. Here's an example:

Dragon of Worminster Sleight

Call me fierce or terrifying
My daily acts are death-defying
As I feed on herds of sheep
Or snatch the cows when shepherds sleep

With twenty claws on four great legs
With dark green scales and deep brown eggs
I hide in moats and hills before attack
I wait ‘till humans turn their backs

Oft’ mistaken for a crocodile
My habits are more dark and vile
You can find art of me along Moat Walk
And of me the whole village talks

They call me ruthless, creepy, rude
Blame me for stealing, but a dragon needs food!
I am not tame, I’ve no respect
But I’m a dragon
— what did you expect?

By Sarah Janisse Brown, Hannah Corey, Kaelyea Hardesty & Quinn Saladino

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