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PDF (All Ages) Thirty Fun-Schooling Projects - Homeschooling Co-op Handbook

PDF (All Ages) Thirty Fun-Schooling Projects - Homeschooling Co-op Handbook

This book guides you through the process of starting a Fun-Schooling Co-op or Planning a Project Party!
This Handbook includes 170 pages of Fun! You can try these projects at home with family, friends or co-op members!
Thirty Projects:
Growing micro greens

2. Setting up a tent

3. Packing for adventure

4. Writing letters

5. Arranging flowers

6. Treasure hunting

7. Making homemade tea

8. Sprouting greens

9. Making a fire escape plan

10. Organizing a nature scavenger hunt

11. Planning a fundraiser

12. Raising chicks

13. Inventing a board game

14. Dressing up for a hike

15. Volunteering to clean up a park

16. Hosting a formal dinner

17. Making an inventor's box

18. Inventing a new game with a ball

19. Building a fire

20. Donating toys

21. Planning an old country fair

22. Making a family recipe book

23. Planting a small garden

24. Making a time capsule

25. Making a shadow puppet theatre

26. Planting a moss garden in a pot

27. Organizing a talent show

28. Donating shoes and clothes

29. Building an obstacle course

30. Making a flower press

"The Thirty Fun- Schooling Projects- Homeschooling CoOp Handbook is a game changer for any Coop. Established or just starting out. I love that the projects are practical life skills and homesteading projects with supply lists included and clear directions. I like that you included community service projects and fundraising. All of which we are coving this coming school year. This book will make it easier for our parents to teach or lead a project that normally wouldn’t due to being overwhelmed at creating a lesson/project from scratch when they may not have taught a small group before. This book causes children to refine their gifts, talents, and explore their interests. This book is an amazing tool for CoOps and individual families. It’s a spring board for creativity. It also fosters a love for learning in children and adults of all ages " - Michelle Harrison



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