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PDF (6+) Core Journal - Dino Doodle - Do-It-Yourself - Homeschooling Curriculum

PDF (6+) Core Journal - Dino Doodle - Do-It-Yourself - Homeschooling Curriculum

This is the PDF to print at home. Purchase the PAPERBACK and read reviews on Amazon.


Do you have a dinosaur fan in your home? Cover every subject required for elementary school with the Homeschooling Curriculum Journal!


This book includes 365 pages of educational activities, if you use 5 pages per day, 5 days per week, it will last about 14 weeks.


Action Steps: Have your child choose at least nine books, provide a pencil, a smooth black pen, colored pencils or gel pens and let the fun begin!


The Dino Doodle Journal has 365 Pages that uses library books, online tutorials and documentaries, nature study, and the internet (but no worries they'll be using books more). To use this Curriculum Journal as the core of your child's homeschooling, have your child complete 5 - 10 pages each day which comes to about 2-3 hours of fun & guided learning.


Please note, there are no references to millions of years, age of the earth or evolution in this book. We let you teach your child the world view that your family prefers.


This book works alongside library books! You can turn any stack of books into a customized curriculum for your child without a lot of work on your part.


Learn More About What is Covered:


Reading Time: on this page, he or she will pick 4 books from his stack. Read for 15 minutes and write or draw about what he or she reads. One hour may be too much for an active child so feel free to break the hour up throughout the day or even have the child complete one “box” of reading a day.

Spelling Time page: Search for words that have a certain amount of letters and copy it in the journal. This lets the child interact with words. If he needs to wiggle around, have him search for words on cereal boxes, packages, and so forth.

Copywork: Copy a sentence (or more) from his or her book and illustrate it too.

Plans, Goals, & Thoughts: On this page, your child will make a comic, copy a verse or quote, write his or her plans, and a short to-do-list.

Occupations: Learn about 25 different jobs.

Story Writing: The writing pages have your child color an illustration of a Dinosaur, and write about the picture he just colored (or maybe mom colors it for him or together!). Moms feel free to help your child as much as needed with writing.

Film Study: The Watch an Educational Video page is an excellent way to learn. Pick a movie, documentary, or fun reality T.V. show from Netflix and have him fill out the fun activity page when done.

Math Practice Pages: use this page along side their regular math program, practice math problems or watch a math video and work out the problem on the Math Practice Page.

How Are You Feeling Today? Page: an excellent way of discussing feeling and emotions and how our emotions affect others.

Thinking Time: Logic puzzles to complete.

Letter Doodles (just fun coloring which also gives the child a different way to ‘feel’ how letters are made)

Nature Study: have your child go outside and draw what he sees or use a nature book to copy or trace an animal. Your child can also print or cut out pictures of nature from the internet or magazines.

Dino Trace and Draw: this is great for motor skills and it's fun too!

Fun Writing Practice pages give your child the opportunity to create a whole new font, practice handwriting, or if on the younger side copy the alphabet.

Dinosaur Research Pages- how much do you know about this animal.

World News Today: tell the stories in words or pictures.

Listening Time: Use classical music or an audio book and color, doodle, and/or draw.


Depending on your child’s age you can have him dig as deep into topics and subjects and write more or less. For an older student require more writing with some illustrations. With a younger child have him illustrate more with some writing maybe a word pointing to a part of the picture. These journals allow you create a customized plan for whatever age or stage your son or daughter is in.


Journals are ideal for students with Dyslexia, Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, and other learning challenges. Sarah Janisse Brown is a dyslexic therapist and creator of Dyslexia Games ( Sarah has helped many moms Flip to Fun-Schooling using her Curriculum Journals.

Watch this video to learn more and see inside.

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