PDF - Fox’s 1st Fun-Schooling Workbook Read & Write 24 Bible Verses

PDF - Fox’s 1st Fun-Schooling Workbook Read & Write 24 Bible Verses

Print at Home for your whole family!
Ages 4 to 7 - Practice reading and writing whole focusing on Bible Verses about THANKFULNESS!

The workbook is adorable! The foxes on each page appeal to both boys and girls. Children will color, trace, read, write and grow in faith. This is a perfect activity book for an older child or parent to help with.



How to use this Book:


When getting started the parent should trace the letters with a yellow colored pencil or gel pen, while saying each word. Next ask the child to trace over the parent’s writing with red, pink or blue color. Children need to see an example. Recite and read each verse together. After a few lessons the child will not need the parents help with tracing.


Each verse focuses on being thankful and praising God in different ways. Talk about what you and your child are thankful for each day and help the child spell and write about something they appreciate at the end of each lesson. If the child isn’t able to write yet, you can write their prayers for them, or they can copy from the Bible.


The child can color and trace the pictures while listening to praise music, bible reading or a bible story audio book. The coloring pages with fox houses can keep a child busy and focused during listening time at home or at church.


For Prechool, Kindergarden and 1st Grade.

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