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PDF History Bundle (Print-at-Home)

PDF History Bundle (Print-at-Home)

PDF - Print-at-Home (no physical products will be mailed)


History buffs rejoice- this is the bundle for you!


Travel to far-off lands to study places' culture, geography, and history worldwide. Research brave explorers past and present. Write your version of the story and decide who the true heroes and villains of history are.


Study classic works of art and literature.  And make a timeline of history throughout the ages. Add in your selected math materials for a complete curriculum.

Use daily and complete in a year. Students can also spread out the journals to make them last several years. A suggested lesson plan is included below.  Students can work independently, in a small group, or as a class. All you need to add are library books, podcasts, videos, and art supplies. Then document your learning in these guided journals. 

Suggested Age Range- 8+
A wide range of ages can use these journals by selecting age-appropriate study materials.


Explorers & Pioneers: Students will research over 30 brave explorers. We have chosen to focus on a diverse assortment of men and women who impacted the world through their discovery, exploration, and pioneering efforts.

Heroes & Villains of History: Students will research over 30 historical figures worldwide and throughout the ages. Students will learn about their accomplishments, family, life, beliefs, and more. After their research, they’ll decide if that person is a hero or a villain.

Pondering the Past: This book includes a short introduction to 30 classical stories with three pages of illustrations, copywork, learning prompts, and research activities for each story and author. Your students will cover literature and history in one book.


Timeline of World History: Students will record their history studies and important dates in this journal.  They will make their own timeline, illustrate events, and write what they have learned.

Transportation History: Almost 500 pages of history, invention, transportation, research, art, and innovation. Students can use the journal in chronological order or jump to their favorite types of transportation.



Below are a few options for scheduling your Fun-Schooling day. There is no “wrong” way to use Fun-Schooling Journals. Be creative! Please reach out if you need help with planning/scheduling.

We recommend the same number of pages per day as a child’s age. An 8-year-old would work on 8 pages/day, a 14-year-old would work on 14 pages/day. One page is a single side of the paper- not both.

Option 1- Pure loop. Stick everything in a pile. Let your child decide how many pages to complete in each journal as they work through the stack. After they finish with a journal, it goes to the bottom of the pile. This is the most child-led and relaxed method.

Option 2- Half the pages per day from one journal and half from another, completing two journals per day.

Option 3- Theme days. For example, Monday Core Journal. Tuesday, Language Arts. Wednesday, Geography- etc.
Option 4- Half pages from a core journal, the rest from one single subject journal.
Option 5- Work in-depth on one journal and complete it thoroughly, then move on to the following journal. Most journals will last six-twelve weeks with this method.


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