PDF - Master Class 30 Day Portfolio- Master Any Subject: A Notebook

Master Class 30 Day Portfolio- Master Any Subject: A Full Color Notebook and Journal for Online Courses, Classes and Tutorial, ideal for ages 12+


Reports and messy notebooks become a thing of the past with this one-of-a-kind portfolio designed to accompany your right-brain student as they take online courses in art, drama, photography, film, cooking, comedy, sports- whatever they’ve set out to discover! This is especially designed with dyslexic and creative students in mind.

An interactive, creative, engaging way to take notes with opportunities to doodle and sketch, this portfolio preserves information, and when complete, presents it in a way that is both memorable and a work of art.


Sarah Janisse Brown designed this book for her high school students to be used alongside various online courses found at www.MasterClass.com, YouTube tutorial series, www.Lynda.com or www.KhanAcademy.com, and many others.


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