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PDF (9+) The Pirate's Pronunciation Handbook: Advanced Phonics

PDF (9+) The Pirate's Pronunciation Handbook: Advanced Phonics

This is the PDF to print at home. To purchase the PAPERBACK and read reviews on Amazon.


Fun Way to Learn English Pronunciation and Grammar - Ages 9+
Print at home for the whole family!

Watch this video to see inside. 

Learning English pronunciation, spelling rules, and grammar has never been so fun.


This Pirate themed book includes cursive, art, poetry, story writing, comic creation, and more.


It will teach even the most reluctant learners these important basics. You will learn how to pronounce every letter and the most common letter combinations. It's perfect for native English speakers and those learning English.


Thinking Tree Learning Levels

Ideal for Ages 8 to 18 (3rd - 12th grade), even adults!
This book uses the Dyslexie font for easier reading for Dyslexic students.

We use the International Phonetic Alphabet for pronunciation.

Topics Covered

  • The English Alphabet
  • The Cursive Alphabet
  • Cursive Writing Practice
  • Creative Writing
  • Poetry
  • Comic Creation
  • Drawing
  • Science
  • Spelling
  • Crosswords
  • Consonants, Vowels & Their Sounds
  • Phonetic Letter Pronunciation
  • Parts of Speech
  • Silent B
  • Silent H
  • Letter Combination CH
  • Letter Combination GH
  • Letter Combination PH
  • Letter Combination QU
  • Letter Combination SS
  • Letter Combination TH
  • Letter Combination WH
  • Letter Combination WR
  • Sound [SH]
  • Sound [YU]
  • All Vowel Sounds
  • And more! 


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Thinking Tree Learning Levels:

A1 = Pre Reader (Pre-K) ages 2-5

A2 = Beginning Readers (K-1st) ages 6-7

B1 = Early Elementary (2nd-3rd) ages 8-9

B2 = Upper Elementary (4th-6th) ages 10-11

C1 = Junior High (7th-8th) ages 12-14

C2 = High school + (9th-adult) ages 13+


Many Thinking Tree Journals span a wide variety of ages because the students use books at his/her reading level. For example, some journals may say for ages 7-17 because you customize it and meet the student where he’s at.


Reproducible for Family Use Only.

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