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World History Homeschooling Collection (Paperback)

World History Homeschooling Collection (Paperback)

History buffs rejoice- this is the bundle for you! Travel to far-off lands to study the culture, geography, and history of places around the world. Research brave explorers past and present. Write your own version of the story and decide who the true heroes and villains of history are. Study classic works of art and literature.  And make a timeline of history throughout the ages. Add in your selected math materials for a complete curriculum. This bundle will last an entire school year with the suggested lesson plans below. Or use it at your own pace and it can last for years to come! The World History Timeline can be added to year after year. Lessons are easy to plan and prepare.  Students can work independently, in a small group, or as a class.   Just add library books, podcasts, videos, and art supplies. These can be used by a wide range of ages by selecting age-appropriate study materials. Then document your learning in these guided journals.  An entire school year of interest-based Delight Directed learning is ready to go for your history lover. Includes:● Heroes & Villains of History: Throughout history, the world has seen plenty of heroes and villains. Students love to learn about the “good guy” and the “bad guy.” In this journal, kids get to be the judge and decide who is the hero and who is the villain. Students will research over 30 different historical figures from throughout the world and the ages. For each person, students will learn about their accomplishments, family, life, beliefs, and more. After their research is over, they’ll decide if that person is a hero or a villain.● Pondering the Past: This book includes a short introduction to 30 classical stories with three pages of illustrations, copywork, learning prompts, and research activities for each story and author. Your students will cover literature and history in one book.● Timeline of World History: Students will record their history studies and important dates in this journal.  They will make their own timelines, illustrate events, and write what they have learned.● Picturing the Past - A Study of Art and History: Charlotte Mason Homeschooling -  1700 - 1930● World Tour: The book includes geography, social studies, history, animal research, art, spelling, practical math skills, language arts, cursive, folklore, fashion, food and more. Learn about 26 different countries.● Explorers & Pioneers: Students will research over 30 different historical figures from throughout the world and the ages.Suggested Lesson PlansFor all options- We suggest students complete the same number of pages per day as their age. A 10-year-old would work on 10 pages/day, a 17-year-old would work on 17 pages/day.Option 1- A ten-year old’s week might look like this:Daily- add in dates to the World History Timeline based on what you’re studying in your chosen history materialsM- 5 pages in World Tour, 3 pages in Explorers, 2 pages in your chosen math journalT- 5 pages in Heroes and Villans, 4 pages in Picturing the Past, 1 page in your chosen math journalW- 5 Pages in Pondering the Past, 5 pages World TourTh- 5 pages in Explorers, 5 pages in World TourF- Their choice of 10 total pagesOption 2-Use one journal at a time. Each journal will last 6-12 weeks depending on the age of your child. Option 3-1 or 2 sections in Heros and Villans per week (there are 51 people, so for a 36 week school year you would need to do a few weeks of 2/week)½-1 section in World tour per week (there are 26)2-3 paintings per week in Picturing the Past (there are 85 paintings) 1 story per week from Pondering the Past (there are 30)1 Explorer per week (there are 31)Add to the World History Timeline daily. Our materials are flexible. There’s no wrong way to use them!
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