Welcome from Sarah!

About 10 years ago, I designed a new style of homeschooling called Fun-Schooling.

Fun-Schooling is fun for kids, effective at helping them learn, and EASY for moms!

Fun-Schooling is using kids' natural talents and passions

A Bookshelf of Thinking Tree Books workbooks
Sarah Janisse Brown smiling with Fun-Schooling workbooks surrounding her
A teapot an cup with Tea Time, A Prayer Journal by Thinking Tree Books
Meet a Fun-Schooler

Meet Joseph, a 10 year-old Fun-Schooler

Joesph is 10 years-old and cool.

Learn what a typical fun-schooler does and which fun-schooling books he uses.

There are many options.  Just start with one or two Core Journals and add on Language Arts and other subjects.

How Fun-Schooling Works

What does a typical Fun-Schooling day look like?

Sarah Janisse Brown explains practical details of how to Fun-School including:

Using a Core Curriculum Journal and other Thinking Tree books, a daily schedule, and activity ideas.

How Does Fun-Schooling Work?




it's simple but unique to each child. So enjoyable!

- Heidi Joy Davis-Tiemens